At Qiangsheng, we have developed a structured process to develop the products you need. After receiving a request from our customer, we work together to outline the project and provide a tailor-made quotation.

Below, you will find an overview of the way we usually work together with our customers and how we make sure that we develop the best possible solutions for your company’s needs and demands.

Customer request


CAD drawing

Drawing confirmation

Payment mold

Producing mold and sample

Sample confirmation

Process order


Initial phase

When a customer contacts us to make an enquiry, our team will work together with the customer to assess its needs, and we will make a tailor-made quotation. The possibilities regarding dimensions and tolerances will be discussed and advice will be given on the CAD drawing. Once the drawing is confirmed, we will request the payment for the mold.

Production phase

The mold will be produced and we will provide a sample to the customer. When he agrees on the sample, the order will be processed. Finally, the products will be delivered to the customer.

Customer satisfaction

Throughout this whole process, we constantly keep in touch with our customers to ensure the mold, samples and final product will meet our customers’ criteria. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities and we aim to make the process as customer-oriented as possible.

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